Painting by DHBogucki 2020, title: “Ground”

I need to have a real conversation
to talk to someone
eyes looking into eyes

I want to find someone to talk to
I need to talk to someone
I’m not depressed
I’m just tired
I’m tired of separation
of loneliness when I’m busy

I make a lot of art
I have a tattoo studio
I make a lot of art
art gets in the way
it takes over, it will push you aside
it loves solitary times and hidden times
and bird watching and music surrounding my mind
and wakefulness and insomnia and going
until the energy is gone
I need to finish
I need to go
I must make and that will push you out
it makes me want to be alone

but I need someone to talk to
I need someone to connect with
I need time away from the hunger of inspiration
when I’m done devouring the endless
I still need my back filled with your warmth

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