I place the blame for this 2:30am post on Alexainie’s shoulders.

Here I am sitting on the toilet being super quiet. I am not sleepy, but I can feel my body slowly winning. Which is good because I want more sleep.

I have a great piece I want to knock out soon. I did some prep last night before bed. Listening to a specific album. It’ll dominate that part of my brain that is labelled, jukebox. I’ve made peace with it’s desire to skip, and repeat. I just let it play whatever.

If you just let it go I have found it is my best subliminal message about super amazing ideas. Or possibly some emotional nibble I just need to bite.

Until I bang out this awesome one that is brewing, I’ll have this divine music accompanying me even in my dreams.

“Well if it’s so deep you don’t think that you can speak about it. Just remember. Reach out and touch the past and the future together.”



Artist, Writer, Tattooist, Find me on Instagram, UnSplash, and FB under that same name.

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