Painting by DHBogucki 2020, title: “Ground”

I need to have a real conversation
to talk to someone
eyes looking into eyes

I want to find someone to talk to
I need to talk to someone
I’m not depressed
I’m just tired
I’m tired of separation
of loneliness when I’m busy


There’s the story of dirt and soil

A hand that moves the mountain

Will of transformation

Will of healing

Majick is the sweat in the rain

Removing one to replace with another

Building the shelter

Time is a legacy

Committing to the act

Loss in this fragile fire

Heart filled with ashes

Don’t vacate the pain

Painting by DHBogucki, 2020.

Detail of a ink drawing by the author. (a crow sitting on a branch) produced in 2020

Everything changes.
Why melancholy?
Struggle sets me inside
a chicken coop.

Feeling safer with
the salmonella sisters,
the day blends with
the light of a flare in the sky.

Blue, a poem by its very
nature, regards this world,
makes us whole.
Return my being

into solitude.
Align, stretch, crack,

I am beginning to make
It function.
After weeks of isolation
I accomplish surrender.


Photo credit: CDC.(Picture of a women of color, dressed in PPE, cleaning a window.)

High Risk Work in Times of Crisis.

Janitors, maids, housekeeping, physical plant, and orderlies; they are literally picking up after everyone else. What is a fair wage for people who make the world cleaner for others? Why are people who prepare “your space to your specifications” viewed as less critical, less valuable? …

I didn’t want to write today

But everything is at the surface

I didn’t have time today

But it’s already too late

I gave in today

Because the jolt of consciousness that gave me liberation

Is my only voice

I can’t today

Because time will not stand still


Sold a tapedeck

Without a pause button

No restaurant at the end of the universe

Collapse inevitable and wished for by many

You just have to pick your horse

I know what death looks like

Its jaw eternally hanging open

Awe and guile slipping through the gap in Its teeth

The puppeteers hand mechanically spitting out words for the weak

Too afraid to raise their voice

Too stunned to question the line winding to the cliff

Hollow on the inside

You describe the outline of love with precision

Its rotting carcass heaped at your door

Even in this world of beauty

You tug the hemline of dread

It’s not of you to leave

The cycle of your own making

Pushing death to the surface

A new Daisy for the sunshine

Clinging fuels your hunger

So you hack off another limb

Standing and leaving too simple a solution

And how you got here.

There is nothing more exciting than the mundane, life in its weary drabness as you drag on into your late forties. Especially if you have been living life as a constant midlife crisis. …

image credit: DHBogucki 2019

Trading safety for a free heart
I married you by commitment
No ink on paper
No government decree
I wanted trust building
Patience perfecting
Will of iron bending from your tears
Shaking in the light of lessons
I could never trust my own desire
Self protection, and the determination to flee from every crime
I have stolen my heart back so many times
Nothing lasted until your healing heart shone its cracks
The beauty of its scarred surface
A map of lines telling the rarest of stories
Strength is built by the toil of forgiveness.


Artist, Writer, Tattooist, Find me on Instagram, UnSplash, and FB under that same name.

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